Unicorn Telecom AB – telecommunications carrier, development company and operator for our customers premium rate calling services

  • Active since 1999.
  • Staff with many years of relevant experience.
  • Tailored web and mobile user interface for your customers.
  • Reliable technology operating 24x7.
  • Web interface for statistical reporting.
  • On demand customer service, web/app/sms production and marketing support.


Why use 0900 numbers?

  • Easy to include in an SMS, app or mobile email.
  • Established payment method and number prefix.
  • Complements invoice, online banking and credit card payments.
  • Small amount = low number of credit transfers.
  • Ideal way to avoid having to use cash.


For you the service provider of…

  • Online shopping and have many small transactions.
  • Web/app/sms suppliers with customers who want to include fast easy payment method.
  • Media companies for competitions, fund raising, gift cards.
  • Fundraising.
  • Doctors offices, community clinics with sms deliver where a payment link is included.
  • Blog portals that want to offer their bloggers the option for voice blogging.
  • International companies that would like access to Swedish customers.